Baby's Basics sleep. play. feed. Dedicated to the basic needs of babies and helping parents navigate the overwhelming world of baby products. A one-top-shop for you and your baby! Educational and learning toy for babies toddlers and infants Baby developmental toys for baby, toddler and infant
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Founder's note

"What an amazing, huge collection of brilliant, fun developmental toys! Rachel took to them immediately. She rolled the balls with her feet, hugged the giraffe and was delighted by the sound, clutched the comfort blanket... you get the picture. We think you've done an incredible job with the choice of toys, the packaging, the site and most importantly-- it's just a great idea!"

Michael, Father of
Rachel, age 3 months

“This bag is a one-stop-shop for year one-it takes the anxiety out of baby shopping!"

Zoe, Business-Owner
Mom to Gemma, 10 mos

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A note from the founder...

Baby’s Basics was born out of necessity. As a new mom, I wanted to provide my baby with the best educational toys to support his development, but I was overwhelmed by too many options. As a clinical psychologist, I knew how important it was to make sure he had the right items for each stage of development to help foster important sensory and motor skills.

And then there was the issue of sleep!

We needed all the help we could get at bed and nap times. During the first few months after Jacob was born, I would find my sleep-deprived self running all over town looking for the right toys, often unsuccessfully – not my idea of a good time!

I kept thinking that someone should create packages of age-appropriate items so busy parents who want the best for their babies could get them all in one place—to save time and worry! The result was the Baby’s Basics Starter Kit. (Soon followed by the Toddler Kit and the Sand & Water Kit.)

Every item in each bag, including the bag itself, was handpicked for its usefulness, educational nature, and its high-quality, long-lasting value through many stages of learning and growing.

Jacob and I have had enormous fun playing with these toys. So have many, many other babies and parents. I know you will too.

Alison C. Schur, PsyD, MPH

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Alison Schur - founder of Baby's Basics - educational toys for babies, infants and toddlers

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