Starter Kit for baby and infants - educational, developmental toys Developmental baby  toys Educational and learning toy for babies and infants Starter Kit for babies and infants - learning, developmental toys
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"As a full-time working mother, I don't have the time I would like to research developmentally appropriate toys. It's great to be able to depend on this site to do the research for me and to allow me to purchase everything I need in one place"

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Baby's Basics™ Starter Kit

Announcement: Baby's Basics is taking a maternity leave and is not accepting orders at this time. Congratulations to owner Alison Schur on her new baby girl! Check back for future availability.

Starter Kit for baby and infants - educational, developmental toys

Baby’s Basics™ Starter Kit is filled with a dozen developmentally appropriate items to encourage vital sensory and motor skills and healthy sleep habits for babies from birth to one year. All of this in a reusable bag that can be used to store toys and folds flat when needed! This package is a great gift for a baby shower or any new parent looking for the best items to support their baby’s growth and development. Colors available for boys or girls. - $147.95


Dr. Toy's Book Smart Play, Smart Toys: How to Raise a Child With a High PQ Dr. Toy's Book Smart Play, Smart Toys: How to Raise a Child With a High PQ - Smart Play, Smart Toys is a practical guide to play and toys from baby to older children with many useful suggestions from Stevanne Auerbach, PhD in Child Development. See for more information.
Grab & Go Links Grab & Go Links - Develops motor skills. Grab and Go links encourage a variety of hand movements: first grasping the links in one hand, later moving them from one hand to the other. As baby gets older, show her how to link them together and take them apart. Plus teething pieces that can be refrigerated.
Skwish Skwish - Skwish appeals to baby's visual and tactile curiosity, making this sophisticated toy a source of wonder and learning.
3.5" Oball Rattle 3.5" Oball Rattle - Shake it and it rattles with its built-in rattles. It is just as easy to clutch and roll as the original Oball. Babies will be fascinated by its bright colors and fun rattling beads as they explore its springy surfaces.
Sleep Sheep On the Go Sleep Sheep On the Go - The perfect night-time companions, Sleep Sheep helps create a tranquil environment that will calm, soothe and relax your senses for a peaceful night's sleep with four soothing sounds.
Teething Ball Teething Ball - This innovative Teething Ball instantly invites baby to explore! The funny ball squeaks when squeezed, and has fascinating textures for baby to chew, feel, and grab.
Sophie the Giraffe Sophie the Giraffe - Soft, light and easy to grasp, Sophie La Giraffe is perfect for little hands and makes a happy sound when squeezed. Babies especially love her bumpy head to sooth their teething gums.
Shake, Rattle & Roll Shake, Rattle & Roll - Encourage developing motor skills with this colorful rattle! As babies shake this rattle, they make brightly colored beads pitter-patter back and forth for both visual and auditory stimulation.
P's & Q's P's & Q's - P's & Q's are fun new exercisers for practicing biting and chewing skills! Encourages fine motor skills and great for teething.
Comfort Silkie Blanket Comfort Silkie Blanket - A baby's most beloved possession. It's the first researched security blanket designed to evoke a comfort response. This amazing comfort blanket has calmed over a million babies.
Rainbow Stacker Rainbow Stacker - Kids will delight in these 7 brightly colored plastic hats with unique textures, patterns, and shapes on them. No matter where you are, these stackers will help kids learn color and shape recognition and develop their manual dexterity as they nest, stack and sort.
5" Bumpie Gertie® Ball 5" Bumpie Gertie® Ball - Infants can squeeze, roll, throw or kick these colorful and textured balls. Their bumpy surface offers a tremendous sensory play value and makes it easy to grab for even the smallest hands.

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